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BBB Signature Newborn Set

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BBB Signature Newborn Set

This set on our soft stretchy nylons has the perfect variety for your baby girl.

*These ship in 1-2 business days if they are not combined with any other product in an order.

A touch of sparkle variety sets come with four dainty bows varying in size and are perfect for newborns up to any age.

Please take into consideration that all bows are cut by hand by myself, so sizes and the look of each bow may vary slightly. 

Please know NO glitter touches your babies head, we take every precaution to keep your baby safe.

All bows are made in a non-smoking, pet-loving home. 

*While it is perfectly safe, please make sure that all headbands are worn under the supervision of an adult, as well as removed in the car and during sleep.  Buttons Baby Bowtique will not be held liable for any injury caused by our products, and by purchasing, the purchaser takes the risk associated with these items.

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