thank you for taking the time to visit & support my small shop. this vision started as a wild dream that seemed out of reach, and has turned into so much more than I ever could have imagined. i am truly so happy you're here!

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hey there ♡

welcome to bbb, a top-notch high-quality brand for babes. this photo right here is the inspiration behind it all. i started this brand when I had my first son joey in 2016. i was on a mission to leave my "real job" so i could be home and spend more time with my baby. now here we are, i'm due with our 4th in jan, and although it's far from easy, i wouldn't have it any other way. i started on a mission to have the absolute best customer service and nothing other than high quality products, & i'm still on that same mission today. welcome to the fam! we are SO glad you are here.

xo, nicole

  • mickenzie♡ beardstown, il.

    nicole is very professional, you will not find anywhere else that puts this high of standard on quality and creativity, i promise!

  • leslie♡ denton, tx.

    nicole goes above and beyond to make your visions a reality. she also listens to her customers and continues to expand her creativity & options. she also has a huge heart. what more could you ask for-a great product from a great person.

  • nicole♡ centerville, mn.

    love that they will keep their shape and will never dull. the nylons are perfect & won't make a dent on new babies heads :)

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